Yunnan in Luxury, An Adventure for All the Senses

Friends of Hong Kong Museum of Art would like to invite you to share with us a unique on the road experience exploring the sights, sounds, tastes and spirit of Yunnan.

We have mapped out a breathtakingly beautiful itinerary that will take us from some of Yunnan’s less well-known treasures to Dali, Shangri-la, Deqin, Cizhong, Tacheng, and more.
En route we will acquaint ourselves with the traditions, cuisines and loves of some of Yunnan’s colourful minorities such as the Bai, Yi, Lisu, Zhang, Naxi, and Tibetan cultures. All along this exciting way we will enjoy the best accommodation available – staying in some of Asia’s loveliest hotels and indulging in the region’s famous cuisines. July is the beginning of the mushroom season and we hope to try many of these different varieties fresh.
Like a cruise on wheels, the journey will be in very comfortable vehicles which also allow us to explore back roads that will often lead to unforgettable discoveries, whether planned or serendipitous.

This is where we will find unspoiled landscapes and discover hidden gems – restaurants, hotels, museums, vineyards, artisans, crafts and traditions. Travelling through areas steeped in the cultures of many different ethnic minorities and through some of the region’s most stunning countryside. Often we will find ourselves in the middle of nowhere and yet every evening we will retire to modern, luxurious and charming hotels.


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