Due to the Hong Kong Museum of Art's closure from 2016-19, there have not been any recent events at the Museum. The Museum is planning a soft opening in mid- 2019 and a major re-opening Gala is planned for November 2019, so please Watch This Space!

眾樂樂 — 至樂樓藏中國書畫 鄧慶燊,香港藝術館館長(至樂樓)
Lectures and Workshops講座及工作坊
2019年1月16日 (三) | 晚上 6:00-9:30
101 Grosvenor House, 118 MacDonnell Road
會員 $500
6:00pm-接待 6:30pm-講座 7:45pm-晚餐

香港藝術館獲得至樂樓藏中國書畫這一重要捐贈,確立了香港在傳承中華文化的國際地位。至樂樓藏品由已故慈善家和鑑藏家何耀光(1907 – 2006)建立,以「保存國粹,弘揚書畫藝術」為宗旨。這批作品橫跨宋代至二十世紀,反映不同時代和地區的藝術特色,其中最負盛名的是明末清初年間的明遺民書畫,表現出光明磊落的氣節及清高不凡的情懷。講座將介紹至樂樓藏品建立的背景和其中的精品。


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Lectures and Workshops講座及工作坊
2018年12月4日 (二) | 登記: 晚上6:00 講座: 6:30至7:45 晚餐8:00
講座地點 - 香港佳士得藝廊, 22樓歴山大廈,18號遮打道,中環; 晚餐地點 - 歷山大廈北京樓
講座: 會員 $200 非會員 $250
講座/晚餐: 㑹員 $600 非會員 $650

簡永楨先生 – 單色釉瓷器鑒藏家, 自建書齋 – 竹月堂. 敏求精舍及香港東方陶瓷學會成員
林業強敎授 – 香港中文大學文物館前總館長, 中國文化研究所榮譽研究員
香港收藏家簡永楨先生,四十載專注單色釉瓷的收藏. 經林業強教授穿針引線之下, 竹月堂與日內瓦鮑氏東方藝術館聨手呈獻- 千載霓霞:鮑氏東方藝術館竹月堂藏唐至清一道釉
展覽. 未開始已令國際學術界和收藏家的注意. 展出的二百件陶瓷重器中,近三份二展品皆出自香港簡氏竹月堂.
千載霓霞 : 鮑氏東方藝術館竹月堂藏唐至清一道釉
展期 – 2018年9月 至 2019年2月3日

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香港佳士得 2018 秋季拍賣會特別預覽導賞團
Guided Tours導賞團
2018年11月22日 (四) | 特別導賞 下午 5:30 - 6:30; 酒會 下午 6:30 - 8:30
會員 $200 非會員 $250

特別預覽讓我們在安靜的環境下, 近距離地觀賞不同藝術展品, 加上香港佳士得專業的銓釋, 令我們更深入地明白每件藝術品背後不同的創意來源.
藝術展品中包括一件稀世珍寶由劉良佐, 米芾(1051-1107 )等人題跋的蘇軾 (1037-1101) 水墨紙本手卷的(木石圖)
這次特別預覽由石嘉雯小姐 – 香港佳士得中國書畫部專家暨拍賣主管和周時健小姐 – 香港佳士得中國書畫部專家帶領

Jewels of Transcendence: Himalayan and Mongolian Treasures
Guided Tours導賞團
2018年11月17日 (六) | 3:00-4:00pm
Gallery II, Art Museum of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Cost: Member $250, Guest $300
Transportation: Bus pick up next to the low block of City Hall, Central at 2:15pm, returning to central around 4:00pm
The Transformation of “Muqi” in Medieval Kamakura, talk by Aaron Rio
Lectures and Workshops講座及工作坊
2018年11月6日 (二) | 6:00pm-Registration, 6:30pm-talk
Christie’s Hong Kong, 22/F, Alexandra House, Central
Cost: Free
Re-present the representations of the Buddhist Paradise Digital Dunhuang with Prof. Ho Puay Peng
Guided Tours導賞團
2018年10月21日 (日) | 10:45am - 3:30pm
Heritage Museum of Hong Kong
Cost: Member $330, Guest $380
Lunch: Share on a cost–basis

The cave temple at Dunhuang is a unique treasure trove of Buddhist paintings and images par excellence. In the 492 caves at this remote site in northwestern region of China are decorated with extensive amount of wall painting and Buddhist sculpture.These representations are now re-presented in Heritage Museum using the latest virtual reality and mixed reality techniques. This guided tour will cover caves curated at the exhibition in chrnological order, expounding the religious concerns and pictorial representation of the time, making references to changes in artistic tradition over the long history of the cave temple site.

‘The Legacy of Matteo Ricci in East Asian Maps of the Word’ by Richard Pegg
Lectures and Workshops講座及工作坊
2018年10月18日 (四) | 6:00pm-registration, 6:30pm-talk, 7:45pm-dinner
Ming Chiu Society
Cost: Member $350, guest $400

Matteo Ricci (known as 利瑪竇 Li Madou, Ri Mato and Yi Ma’o in China, Japan and Korea), the Italian Jesuit who was in China from 1582 to 1610, is recognized as the first member of the Society of Jesus to make significant Western contributions to late Ming Chinese theological scholarship as part of his proselytizing agenda. But he is likely best remembered for his contributions to Chinese cartography. This talk will explore how Ricci’s name and maps became assimilated and associated with the West across East Asia from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries.

Dr. Richard A. Pegg is currently Director and Curator of Asian Art for the MacLean Collection in Chicago.

Ink and Wood: Modern Chinese Paintings in the Scholar’s Studio followed by Talk ‘In Between Imagination and Reality: Barbara Choi’s Blue-and-Green Landscape’
Guided Tours導賞團
2018年10月9日 (二) | 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Liang Yi Museum
Cost: Member $200, Guest $250

The exhibition presents a collection of 24 modern Chinese paintings alongside scholarly objects from Liang Yi Museum’s permanent collection of classical Chinese furniture, bringing together the best of not only fine and decorative art but also juxtaposing traditional and classic craftsmanship with the more contemporary medium of modern Chinese painting. After the tour, contemporary artist Barbara Choi will share her views on the genre of blue-and-green landscape painting in traditional Chinese painting, the metaphorical implications of the colours blue and green; and how she finds new possibilities in creating works in this traditional genre.

Guided Visit to Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia 2018 with Yifawn Lee
Guided Tours導賞團
2018年9月29日 (六) | 11:00am - 12:30pm
Hong Kong Convention Centre
Cost: Member $200, Guest $250

Two important art fairs are combined at the Hong Kong Convention Centre this fall: Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia will be showing together, featuring contemporary art galleries from Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries with ink works in a wide variety of forms, as well as Asian and Western antiques from jewelry and silver to Chinese furniture and jade.

We will be guided by Yifawn Lee, Publisher of Orientations magazine. Yifawn will bring her wealth of knowledge in various fields to enrich our understanding and enjoyment of the exhibits.

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