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Due to the Hong Kong Museum of Art's closure from 2016-19, there have not been any recent events at the Museum. The Museum is planning a soft opening in mid- 2019 and a major re-opening Gala is planned for December 2019, so please Watch This Space!

Guided visit to “A World Within: The Art and Inspiration of Irene Chou” with Lesley Ma
Guided Tours導賞團
12 Oct 2019 (Sat) | 11:00am - 12:00nn
Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Cost: Member $200, Guest $250

Irene Chou (1924-2011) was one of Hong Kong’s foremost artists of the later 20th century and a key figure in the New Ink Art movement in Hong Kong. Born in Shanghai, and a journalist in her early life, she came to Hong Kong in 1949 and began painting in the 1950’s. Her interest in blending tradition with modernity, shared with other artists of the New Ink Art movement, led to her developing a highly original abstract visual language and her exploration of diverse themes in her work.

The Asia Society, with the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, is showing over 40 of Irene Chou’s works in the first major retrospective since the artist passed away. The exhibition, which runs until 5 January 2020, is the third in the Asia Society’s exhibition series, “20th Century Chinese Female Artists”.

Our tour of the exhibition will be guided by Lesley Ma, curator of Ink Art at M+.

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Guided Visit to Fine Art Asia and Ink Asia 2019
Guided Tours導賞團
4 Oct 2019 (Fri) | 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (meet at the entrance to Hall 3C)
Cost: Member $200, Guest $250

Join Edie Hu on a curated tour of Fine Art Asia, Ink Asia and Masterpiece Pavilion and experience an in-depth view of highlighted objects from classical Chinese furniture and works of art to contemporary ink paintings and Western sculptures.

Hu is an art advisor at Citibank and specializes in Chinese antiques, including ceramics and works of art, Chinese and Southeast Asian paintings, contemporary Asian and 20th century Asian art. Previously, she served as a director in the Chinese ceramics and works of art department at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong.

Lecture: Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Science by Dr. Isabelle Frank
Lectures and Workshops講座及工作坊
25 Sep 2019 (Wed)
6:15pm-Registration 6:30pm-Lecture 8:00pm-Dinner
Cost: Lecture only: Member $150, Guest $200
Lecture + dinner: Member $600, Guest $650
Lecture Venue: Christie's, 22/F Alexandra House, Central
Dinner Venue: Peking Garden, B/F, Alexandra House

The most prolific artist of his time, Leonardo left behind over 6,000 drawings that reveal his scientific and creative mental world. Though Leonardo was revered as a painter during his lifetime, these thousands of sheets remained largely unknown before the 19th century (only his unfinished Treatise on Painting was published). Focusing on Leonardo drawings from the Codex Atlanticus, now on display at the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci. Art & Science. Then & Now at CityU, the talk reveals how Leonardo studied, explored and understood the world around him through his art. The Codex Atlanticus, in the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, is the most theoretical of the surviving treatises and captures Leonardo’s incessant efforts to pierce the sensuous surface of the physical world and reveal its underlying scientific principles.

Isabelle Frank is Director of the Exhibition Gallery at City University of Hong Kong. Since joining City University, she has curated and co-curated exhibitions that connect technology and the arts across Western and Asian cultures. An art historian by training, she received her doctorate from Harvard University and has taught at Bard College. Frank has been Associate Dean for academic affairs at the New School, New York, and was Dean of Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies in New York. She has authored The Theory of Decorative Arts (Yale University Press, 2000) and Die Rhetorik des Ornaments (Fink Verlag, 2001), and articles on Italian Renaissance art and decorative art.

This lecture is co hosted with the Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong and with the generous support of Christie’s.

Lecture: Rare Landscape Paintings from the Royal Court of Udaipur, India
Lectures and Workshops講座及工作坊
27 Aug 2019 (Tue)
6:15pm-Registration 6:30pm-Lecture 8:00pm-Dinner
Lecture only: Member $200, Guest $250
Lecture + dinner: Member $600, Guest $650
Lecture Venue: Christie's, 22/F Alexandra House, 18 Chater Road, Central
Dinner Venue: Peking Garden, B/F Alexandra House

China has an illustrious tradition of landscape painting. In contrast, Indian art focuses largely on the body. In this talk, Dr. Diamond presents a striking exception to this rule: the unique landscape and palace-scape painting tradition that flourished in an eighteenth-century Indian court. In Udaipur, the capital of a kingdom in northwest India, artists created large paintings of place on paper and cloth that celebrated palace, city and countryside. Their goal was to evoke bhava, the multi-sensorial experience of being in a particular place at a specific time.

Debra Diamond is Curator of South and Southeast Asian Art at the Freer and Sackler Galleries, the Smithsonian Institution. She received her PhD with distinction from Columbia University in 2000.


Co-presented with CHRISTIE’S

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A History of the World in 100 Objects from the British Museum
Guided Tours導賞團
17 Aug 2019 (Sat) | 11:00am - 12:00pm
The Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Shatin
Member $250, Guest $300, Student $80

An exhibition showcasing 100 selected items from the British Museum’s encyclopedic collections to tell the story of human civilisation and showcase the essence of global culture across two million years.

British Museum Exhibition Curator Belinda Crerar said: “The exhibition is designed to be a new way of telling history, history that is told through objects, and what we can learn from objects.”

Highlight exhibits include evidence of the first city from Iraq’s “The Standard of Ur”, Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai’s famous woodblock print “Under the Wave off Kanagawa” from the series “36 Views of Mt Fuji”, and a Hungarian banknote which was the largest denomination banknote ever issued.

 Our tour will be guided by Dr Sammy Li, expert in the development of and exchanges between Chinese and foreign cultures through ancient artefacts. Dr Sammy Li is Assistant Professor at the Dept of History, Baptist University of Hong Kong, and an expert in Chinese bronzes and ancient civilisations. 

M+ presents Five Artists: Sites Encountered
Guided Tours導賞團
26 Jul 2019 (Fri) | 4:00pm - 6:00pm
M+ Pavilion, West Kowloon Cultural District
Cost: Member $250, Guest $300, Student $80
Remarks: Bus pick up next to the low block of City Hall, Central at 3:15pm,
returning to central around 6:00pm

‘This group of artists, hailing from various points on the globe, are motivated by desires to make meaning from their place in the world and role within society. A commitment to present these wide and diverse artistic perspectives is central to the mission of Pauline J. Yao, Lead Curator, Visual Art, M+.

Untold Stories-Mysteries of the Hong Kong Museum of Art’s Earliest Collection
Lectures and Workshops講座及工作坊
27 Jun 2019 (Thu) | 6:00-9:30pm
101 Grosvenor House, 118 MacDonnell Road
Talk & dinner: Member $500, Guest $550
6:00pm - drink
6:30pm - talk (conducted in English)
7:45pm - dinner

Few would know that out of the four core collections of the Hong Kong Museum of Art China trade art is the earliest cornerstone. Its formation was based on a legendary bequest with a fascinating lost-and-found story. Equally unknown are the mysteries solved by recent research conducted by the museum on this collection, which ranks among the best of its kind in the world. It comprises paintings produced in and from Guangzhou and Hong Kong in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, against the backdrop of China trade. In this talk, Dr. Mok will share a few of these findings and will speak about how the Museum redefines China trade paintings—a genre with a distinct East meets West story particularly dear to Hong Kong and its beginnings.

Dr. Maria Mok joined the Hong Kong Museum of Art in 1996. She has extensive experience in various departments, including China Trade Paintings, Chinese Antiquities, Modern Art and Education. She is currently responsible for research, curating, publication, and acquisition of the museum’s China trade and Chinese Antiquities collections. With a research focus on the dating and authentication of China trade paintings, she has published extensively and co-authored with Paul A. Van Dyke Images of the Canton Factories 1760-1822: Reading History in Art (HKU Press: 2015).

Touring the exhibition of the Teapot Design Competition 2018
Guided Tours導賞團
25 May 2019 (Sat) | 11:00 am - 12:00 noon
Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware
Member $100
Guest $250
Student member Free

Remembering how much our members enjoyed the silent auction of beautiful  tea ware made by Hong Kong artists/potters, at our last tea party, we have  organized a special tour of the entries made for the 2018 teapot design

Curator Maria Mok has very kindly agreed to find time, amidst the busy preparation  for the reopening of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, to guide us through the  exhibition and to show off the recently refreshed display on the G/F galleries.

After the tour you may join the lunch party at the newly opened Thai restaurant,  Apinara, on a shared cost basis. It is a short walk away in Pacific Place,  through the lush greenery of Hong Kong Park.

Private Preview of Christie’s Spring Auction 2019
Guided Tours導賞團
24 May 2019 (Fri) | 11:00 am - 12:00 noon
HK Convention & Exhbition
Member $200
Guest $250
Student member Free

This is an exciting series of curated exhibitions, lectures and art forums. Catch the preview with tour of the Chinese Paintings section guided by Sophia Zhou, Associate Specialist, Chinese Paintings. Sophia will share her knowledge of the selection of ink paintings. Highlights from the auctions include a group of classical paintings and calligraphy from the renowned Chokaido Museum, iconic works by modern masters such as Fu Baoshi, Zhang Daqian, and Li Keran as well as contemporary ink paintings by Liu Kuo-Sung, Liu Dan and Xu Bing.

Tour of ‘Art Deco: The France-China Connection’ with Isabelle Frank
Guided Tours導賞團
18 May 2019 (Sat) | 11:00am - 12 noon
City u Exhibition Gallery, City University of HK
Member $200, Guest $250, Student $80

The exhibition showcases more than 300 objects from museums, institutions and private collectors in France, Hong Kong and Shanghai, brought together by chief curators Isabelle Frank, Director of the CityU Exhibition Gallery, and Emmanuel Bréon, Head of the Department of Mural Paintings and Stained Glass at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris. The exhibits include furniture, sculptures, paintings, posters, costumes, ceramic glassware, vases, jewelry, cosmetic cases and other precious objects, revealing the origins of Art Deco in France and to display the versatility, originality and adaptability of Art Deco designs. The exhibition also shows how Art Deco has been inextricably linked with Chinese culture and arts, and explores the influence of the Art Deco style in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Isabelle Frank has curated exhibitions that combine technology and the arts and which also bridge Western and Asian cultures. An art historian by training, she taught at Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts and was then associate dean for academic affair at The New School, and dean at Fordham University’s School of Professional and Continuing Studies. She has published on Italian Renaissance art and decorative art.

Talk & dinner “Turning a new page for Hong Kong art”
Lectures and Workshops講座及工作坊
8 May 2019 (Wed) | 6:00pm-drink 6:30pm-talk 7:45-dinner
118 MacDonnell Road, Hong Kong
Talk & dinner: Member $500, Guest $550

After closing for over 3 years for a major renovation and expansion, the museum targets to reopen in November 2019. The new Hong Kong Museum of Art will continue to be a meeting point for the world of diverse art, and pledges to curate exhibitions from a Hong Kong viewpoint to refresh people’s ways of looking at art, bringing inspiration and new understanding.

Dr. Raymond Tang will give an overview of the Hong Kong art promotion plan, the strategies for further developing the museum’s modern and Hong Kong art collection, building of partnerships and research plans.

Dr. Raymond Tang is a Curator (Hong Kong Art) at the Hong Kong Museum of Art and Chairman of the Hong Kong Curators Association.

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